Reaching Our Reaching.

reaching our reaching

I have a pretty clear idea of human beings. I see their dark and their light and am not consumed with the need to label ‘good,’ or ‘bad.”  I see simply nature and a journey.

Kids make mistakes, they can steal and lie, it does not make them career criminals. I know circumstances can push people beyond the protective action barrier they would normally respect in their every day lives.

Today is full of bad news, and conspiracies and agendas that seem hell bent on destroying us all. It depresses us. It can defeat us.

I don’t see the world that way.

I believe that we as human beings have the ability to overcome anything. It will require a journey of self where we learn to understand who we are, that we embrace our gifts and use them, that we love one another and support each other to make that same journey. It means letting go of our ideas about how that is accomplished and accepting that what works for me, may not have a snowball’s chance in hell as a method for you.

So, with what is left of my life, I want everything I do to help empower others. I want others to believe in their potential. I am not interested in measuring their abilities against mine and then feeling superior or less than, I simply want each individual I have the opportunity to touch to believe that they are not the sum total of just their mistakes, and that failure or success in this material, consumer oriented, competitive world is NOT an indication of value of anything meaningful. I want people to know that they will succeed by helping others to succeed and by success I mean they will find peace, happiness, joy, purpose …

Most of all I want our children to hear that message. I want them to see beyond the tinsel and seek substance in their life and not be limited in their visions by the mistakes we have made.

I refuse to see enemies in a colour, or a culture, or a religion, but I also refuse to be interrupted with petty hostility and the insecurities of others that cause them to engage in destructive behaviour in my life.  Neither am I going to drag people out of harms way, who are content to sit in the middle of a busy highway unaware of the danger. I am looking for those people who are ready, who, with a little encouragement, a word, a hand …want to make this journey.

I am always moving.

There is a growing spirit out there that is pulling people together. That spirit is free. It is the air we breathe. It is a choice we make. Forget the classes, the drugs, the gurus … Just breathe. If there is a higher power then surely he can get to us through calcium on a pineal gland? Can you not see that is just another way of saying you are not worthy until you have said your prayers and attended church every Sunday. WE ARE WORTHY. IF you accept there is a greater power that created the universe, or a power that connect us all, then that power CAN DO ANYTHING.

Belive. In. Yourself.



“Try getting angry without first having angry thoughts!  Okay, now feeling stressed out without first having stressful thoughts – or sad without sad thoughts – or jealous without thoughts of jealousy.  You can’t do it – it’s impossible.    The truth is, in order to experience a feeling, you must first have thought that produces that feeling.

Unhappiness doesn’t and can’t exist on its own.  Unhappiness is the feeling that accompanies negative thinking about your life.  In the absence of that thinking, the unhappiness, or stress, or jealousy, can’t exist.  There is nothing to hold your negative feelings in place other than your own thinking.”  Richard Carlson

TFFT – Limitless You

Alan Watts

  I have had the honour and privilege throughout my life of many experiences and opportunities that have allowed me to be taught, to study, to learn and to sometimes practice many different forms of religion and spirituality. May I say, with complete humbleness that I was, and continue to be, a student in this regard. I will always be a student in search of understanding. I have most often sought out people who fully embrace and love their spiritual pursuits because they teach with honour and that is my intent, to understand and respect that love even though it may not be something I personally choose. There are many similarities in themes and the differences are often more focused on the practice. I am always concerned that people take an all or nothing approach to their beliefs. I see those who have left organized religion, who now embrace the new age philosophy with as much zeal and blind faith as the organized “church” they left behind. They are just as willing to accept everything written and done in the name of “enlightenment” as the “truth” as they once were about religious teachings. They fail to identify the liars and the criminals amongst their new ranks with the same alarming regularity that they failed to identify them in their religion. People sometimes want to run before they have ever learned to walk.  We trifle with powers and practices that are deep in their meaning and ability to open doorways to things we are not prepared to cope with or even understand. It is almost like they are a party games or the latest ride at a big theme park full of adrenaline rush attractions.  People use all kinds of quick fixes and trust people that perhaps they shouldn’t.  They spend small fortunes as if one might buy their way into enlightenment. There is no substitute for personal responsibility. There is no way around you having to do the hard work to prepare yourself and to be ready for delving into your spiritual nature. You would not run a marathon without spending time in the gymn and doing many practice runs. You could not run that marathon leaning on the runner who won last year. You have to do the work and the work in this case, is you. It is time alone, time understanding who you are and what you need and what you are supposed to be doing. It is removing toxicity from your life and making sure that first and foremost you take care of you. The pyramid of needs is well known, food and shelter, emotional well being and THEN comes the spiritual aspects. You have to prepare your vessel (you) to be filled.  And the journey can be difficult and lonely.  It requires things a strength we may never have known we had.  It forces us to face the truths we may have spent a lifetime running from.  It takes work and the process IS the point.  The destination is not real because there is no end to the journey. Once you drink of real spirit, you will understand how many pseudo cries for our attention are out there and that some of them can be deeply dangerous to us. Once you drink of that spirit, you will understand the connection you are meant to have directly to that sources and everything else will fade in comparison. Going through someone else for that experience is like comparing watching a video of someone skiing down a mountain, to actually skiing down a mountain for yourself. STOP LIMITING YOURSELF.


Inspirational Quotes

“In truth you cannot be closer to or further away from life. You cannot be more or less alive. You cannot be abandoned by life. You are life, and so life is here even in your pain, even in your illness. You are no less whole, no less favored by life because you feel ill or there is pain. You are still this wide-open space in which everything comes and goes; no amount of pain or illness can take what you are away. In that sense, what you are cannot be ill, what you are cannot be sick, what you are cannot be broken. Only stories can be broken. Only identities can be ‘sick’. Ideas about ourselves, ideas about what should or should not happen—those can break in two. What you are is always One.”  Jeff Foster

At The Office.

at the office

Contrary to the image most people have of those like me who write blogs, I am not sitting in my parents basement in dirty underwear.  Although, I freely admit some ambiguity as to exactly at what point in a days wear of underwear that it transforms from a clean pair to “dirty.”  If I say I have had mine on for approximately 7 hours, you will have to make the final judgment.    But I am DEFINITELY NOT in my parents basement or even my own.  I arrive to my office in the front part of the house with large windows.  I am dressed to kill in a power suit…. because … I am likely to do that … kill …

I am not afraid … if the situation calls for it.

I open the window so the neighbours can see me as they jog by and I have a Kleenex box that I glue-gunned knobs onto, sitting on my desk. I wait for the neighbours to come by and then I have a siren simulator that I like to push.  It was funny the first couple of times cause it scared them and they jumped into the bushes.  It sounds like an ambulance and they thought it is right there but it wasn’t and then they thought it was an invisible ambulance which was even more scary.  When they got up and looked around as they picked the gravel and branches out of their teeth, they saw me leaning forward, taking a pen out of my pocket protector and saying to my kleenex box, “send in the first appointment please, Mary.”

I have one of the kids open the door and hubby comes in, even though he is in shorts, hair disheveled and coffee in hand.  He sits down at the other computer and I say things like,  “take a letter for me please, Mary,” and “hold all my calls for today, Mary,” really loud so that they can’t hear him swearing at me. I make him wear a name tag saying “Mary the Assistant,” and tell him if he doesn’t pick up his act I will fire him. He tells me that I need to sit down and stay on my side of the desk for my own safety and uses the stapler in a menacing way. I don’t really care though because I am pretty sure he has no idea how to use a stapler and besides, it isn’t loaded.  I have like this big box I painted to look like a fax machine and it blocks the view of the weapons and hand gestures from the street so the neighbours just look in and think “wow she is an important Big Boss!  Look how tough she is.  Poor Mary, I hope she gets her act together.” I know what the neighbours are thinking on account of I take the tinfoil off my head in the morning,  just so I get the full impact of their astoundedness at my business power.

I made my mother in law wait an hour one time to come into the office  just to ask if we had any extra toilet paper. “Look mah, I can’t play favourites just because you are my related to me, you know. I may be your daughter in law in the kitchen but this is my office and everyone works here. You are going to have to plan these things a little better and phone ahead and make an appointment with Mary.”

“I just wanted more toilet paper.  This is ridiculous!  Who is Mary?”

I lifted my hand and indicated hubby cowering in his shorts, slurping coffee, eyes glazed over… “My secretary.”

“Don’t be ridiculous.  That’s my son.  He’s not a secretary.”

“You’re telling me? Good help is really hard to get.  But in this room, he is known as ‘Mary.’”

I didn’t know she knew some of those swear words but they bounced off me like I was made of teflon.  Big bosses have to be like that .. in control … impervious to sticks, stones and name calling,  although I did think “whiny crazy ass bitch” was a bit much even from her.  I cried a bit over that one.

I think it is important to establish authority, and it really is in the way you dress  and how you take control of the situation.  Power dressing is the key. It is much safer than my old way of taking control, cause stun guns sometimes backfire.