I offer quite a variety of writing and topics, so to make it a bit easier to navigate I have provided the following below.  Just click on what you want to read and the rest will all go away!
Social And Political Commentary  (We Shall Overcome)

Social commentary, political, current events, rants.  I have strong opinions and love a good discussion.  I love people who are willing to share educated opinions and tell me how they arrived at their conclusions.  How we think and why we think the way we do is beyond fascinating.  I am open minded, love learning about people and situations.  Only one rule, stick to the topic and leave the personal attacks of others at home.

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The Standing Village   “It Takes a Village to Raise A Child?”  AND the village has a responsibility to the well being of all its members.  We need to open our eyes and get off our butts.

  • Invisible Scars  Abuse Survivors get a life sentence, regardless of     whether their abusers are caught or punished.  If nothing else, their stories have to stand as witness to the damage.  We have to stop Child Abuse.  We have to talk about it.  We have to name names and be willing to speak up.  No more turning away.
  • Noah’s Ark Bullying.  Started because of a 10 year old boy Noah Miller, who has Asperger’s and was bullied so bad he considered suicide, was hospitalized, and is now so afraid of life and school, he may never recover. Follow this situation from the beginning to its hopefully happy conclusion.  Join the discussion.  
  • PAS – Parental Alienation Syndrome is child abuse and it has to stop.  We are killing our kids with our fighting and it is not just the fault of the parents, but of every person that supports or says nothing when one parent poisons a child against the other parent.
Feeding Our Hearts and Souls  (Home Made Soup)

inspirational, motivational, empowering thoughts and ideas, including the “Today’s Food For Thought” Series.  I have had a life filled with events that sent me on a journey of self discovery.  I am spiritual/ NOT religious.  I believe we are all powerful, we all have talents and abilities that if we are supported to discover, can save this world.  I believe it is all of our jobs to help one another do that and I know that there are simple, practical ways to accomplish exactly that.  We all need support and encouragement.  Share.  Your story is important.  We are all important.

Blog Posts



The Compassion Network  Anything and everything that motivates us towards compassion for life and one another.  Compassion is the strongest emotion we have.  We have discovered that our emotions impact our DNA and therefore our bodies, our health and the world for good or bad.  Compassion stands alone as having the greatest measurable impact.  It has the power to heal our world.

Today’s Food For Thought  Comments and thoughts to motivate and inspire.


Humour  (Lived My Life On The Naughty Chair)

Me in all my unbridled insanity, not for the faint of heart, or the easily offended, or the cry babies.  Being able to laugh about life has saved me from so many tragedies that I treasure the ability to see the humour in EVERYTHING.  Mostly I laugh at myself.  Oh, and of course everything I write is absolutely true!

Blog Posts

Ask Auntie Soshel  Advice Column for your important questions about anything and everything.  Everyone needs a great Aunt like Soshel to tell you how to deal with life.

Aria’s Life Lessons  I could lie and tell you that I don’t like to say “I told you so,” but I can’t do it convincingly enough when I am skipping when I say it.  It is my favourite thing to say, especially to my children.

Bobo Banal  The Social Elite BoBo dishes on fashion finds and disasters, to socially (ir)relevant celebs and trends.  Nothing but straight shooting commentary and advice from a very classy lady unapologetically bleeding all over the cutting edge.

Completely True Accounts From My Life   I swear these are all true and are mainly about my current life, all of it hilarious because that is just the way I roll.

Crafts Fashion and Cooking.  I don’t distinguish between these, they are all done with the only weapon I am licensed to carry – a glue gun.  I even provide instructions so we can all join in on the fun.

Daily Snork   Pics and posters that I find funny and make me laugh.  Humour is a great way to pick up your day.

Guys I have Dated  Consider it a public service announcement . . . like a really scary cautionary tale that you can read to your daughters.

Lavinia Speaks  Lavinia Upton Pinefoy speaks . . . again . . . still . . .even when no-one has asked her to . . . and no-one is listening . . .

Life On The Naughty Chair  Tales from my childhood, historically accurate and all completely true.  Trust me.

Lessons From The Little Red Haired Girl Next Door.    Life Lessons we can all use, provided by the little red haired girl who lives next door, that I just know is my best friend hidden in the body of this delightful child.  I would tell her that but I don’t want to scare her or be arrested.


Undefined or Confined  (miscellaneous stuff)

Every once in awhile I just share something about a trip or an event or life stuff  . . . like maybe I will cook or knit something someday … it goes here.  These things don’t really fit in the other drawers – think of it as the junk drawer of my blog … except it is nicely organized and there are no fur balls, dead bugs, pens that don’t write or odd tools of some sort.













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