Personal Space.

Personal Space.

I do this frequently. I learned it by accident when I was in Jr. High and there as this boy I liked but all the other girls liked him too. My brother always licked all the cookies so that no-one else would eat them while he went out to do chores and that always worked for him… so I licked the boy.

I have never stood so alone on a playground in my life. I got to choose any swing I wanted. Now I regularly lick people who are in my way. You should try it. Write and tell me how it goes.

I care.

2 thoughts on “Personal Space.

  1. I so could of done that to the woman falling asleep on my lap today on the train or the dude that decided to fart in my face. Don’t think i would of licked either of them but i know i could use this for the cookies in this house lol.


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