Small Daily Differences.

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The way our world works now is that within any group you have the “governing head.’  With work or formal groups that head can be paid;  with social groups that head is chosen or appointed.

The first thing that happens is that these people begin to believe and act as if they are elite, better than, or above the other people.  There are jobs and privileges they GET to do and jobs and responsibilities they don’t HAVE to do.

It becomes an elitist group within the group or organization.

People forget that they are there for the people they represent.

Abuse of power quickly follows and often the misuse of monies, and the failure to instigate good plans or to act in the best interest of those peoples who rely on you.

A good boss should recognize the value of every employee.  He/she should know what everyone does and he/she should be willing to do that same work if needed.  A good representative remembers that he is ONE of the people and that he is acting in good faith on their behalf, for their interests.

We talk about how corrupt our governments are and the abuse of their power and their misuse of our money.  We elect them.  They grew up with us, they went to school with us, they worked with us.   These ideas are not something they invented.  They learned the same things we did while working with us, and we are most likely just as guilty of the same kinds of practices within our more limited spheres of influence.

If you want the world to change you have to be first willing to accept that you are part of the problem and be willing to change yourself.  Your changing will have a huge impact on your friends and family and as they change, that circle of influence will broaden until eventually, the whole world can be different.

Part of the lie we have been sold is that one person cannot make a difference, but you can.  Just get over the idea that in order to make a difference you need your own reality show, or a ton of money, or the front cover of a magazine.  Get over the idea that you have to picket something, or tie yourself to a tree, or even die.

Just decide to start living your own life with integrity and real intent.

Be YOU in all the places that you have the opportunity to do so.

The world talks about making our carbon footprint small … let’s make our integrity footprint as large as we can.

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