A Little Talk With “Father.”


It is so hard to buy hunny bunny gifts.  I was raised in a” celebrate every occasion” world and he was raised in a “meh – just another day” world.  He likes to give wayyyy more than he likes to receive.  I like both but I also have to say it is hard to buy gifts when you neither need or want anything.

So I was looking for Father’s Day gifts and wanted to get him something useful that he really wanted and needed.  I was thinking some new clothes, a wallet maybe ….

I was going to shop on Saturday.

He came home earlier this week with a Rechargeable Tri-led Spotlight that had “coupon purchase” written all over it.  He knows I don’t like coupon or discount purchases for gifts for us.  He said, “Look what I got for you to give me for Father’s Day!”  I glared at him.  He said, “I am going to put this down right here beside you so you can wrap it for Sunday.”  He smiled and backed out of the room.

This morning I walked into the kitchen and said, “Look honey, I got you a little something for Father’s Day!  I know that you really wanted one and I shopped for hours to find the perfect one, just for you! ”  I handed him a hanky cause I know he always tears up in moments like this.

I said, “Does anything say “thank-you dad” more than a Rechargeable Tri-led Spotlight?  I bet when you were starting out as a dad all those years ago, you thought to yourself, I hope I can be a good enough dad so that one day I am worthy of getting a Rechargeable Tri-led Spotlight for Father’s Day.  Well babe, THAT day has come.  I hope your day rocks!”

I did that because it is Father’s Day and he has a big day ahead of him.

The lecture on “what the hell were you thinking” comes later next week.  It will involve crying and a whole monologue about being deeply wounded.

I have to go rehearse it while he plays with his new spotlight.

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