When Does It Stop?

no war

Ever had someone come to you with stories of what “everyone” is saying?  After a time you begin to clue in and you might ask, “who exactly is ‘everyone?'”  Usually it comes down to a couple, maybe even just one other person … most likely THE person telling you??  Ever had someone say something like “you Canadians always  (insert some obscure observation this person has heard about once when he was drunk).”  Ever notice how people tend to make grand sweeping statements like this?  Ever been accused of something you didn’t do because well, guilt by association and people wanted someone to pay for what had happened?

I wonder if anyone else finds this interesting.

I am reading through social media about all the Americans who are standing up to say they don’t want war with Syria.  If there is a war, it will be because “some Americans” have chosen to have one.  In this case it will be the Political leaders that have the power to do that.

However when the bombs fall the Syrians will state that “America” has attacked them and a whole new hate for all Americans will begin.

“Some Muslims” may have chosen to commit terrorists acts.  I have heard from many Muslims who do not support terrorist actions.  However when the acts happened a whole new hate for all things Muslim began.

Except there is one big difference.  Our using “Muslims” as the heading for the targeted group is ridiculous.  Saying “Americans” is already a gross generalization but if they were to apply the same logic we use when we say “Muslims” . . .  “Americans” would become “Christians.”   Suddenly we have a much broader generalization that involves people who aren’t even American.

Maybe we need to start holding the actual people accountable for their actions and not blame everyone who has ever breathed the same air as the criminals.  Maybe we have all added to this division by jumping to conclusions, accepting half truths and right out lies.  Maybe it has been easier to focus on hating one another than doing something to fix this.

2 thoughts on “When Does It Stop?

  1. Men and their saber rattling – that will never change from one to the next. Thank goodness we have a seasoned negotiator and intelligent statesman in office to handle this Syria mess rather than a spoiled twit w/ fantasies of lobbing bombs off everywhere – the presidential equivalent of a big car wet dreams or stuffing your shoes. Altho I do miss the Bushisms.


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