Education is a Farce.



When I started Jr. High, I began a ritual that I continued until I graduated.  I began class by walking in, picking up a piece of chalk and writing, “education is a farce,” on the black board.    The teacher would have to begin the class by erasing what I had written.

Not a single teacher ever took me on.  We did not talk about it.  We did not debate it.  It was written by me.  Erased by the teacher. Continue reading

Daily Snork


This would be funny if I had not raised this very argument in my own defense.  It seemed like a good idea at the time, deflect the attention away from my laziness to the inappropriate language choices of the adults, underling that the comment was at best, confusing and at it’s worse insulting.  Of course, had I taken the time to fully understand the seriousness of the situation, as in, one of the parental units in question was holding a wooden spoon at the time and the other had a belt holding up his pants, I might have considered other options as more viable at that moment.

I didn’t, and hence, while I appreciate the effort of this humour, I am still feeling a little sensitive about what turned out to be a FREAKING NIGHTMARE.


I used this line every time I was out on public with my children.  That and turning your head and looking at other women in the store when they simultaneously scream out your name and announce that one of them just messed their pants in Aisle 4.


I like this method … everyone on … let’s go … I mean the kids either hold on or they don’t.  These kids won’t be complaining about  nothing to do on the trip.  Holding on for dear life tends to give you a real unique perspective that often precludes boredom.


As long as everyone listening is drinking too … it’s all good.

Today’s Food For Thought.

child abuse

I would be ashamed to have any child I was raising was talking to someone about their non custodial parent and tell them that they hate their “mommy” or “daddy.”   I don’t understand why some parents then stand there beaming at the child like they have just earned an “A” on some test.   My heart would break if my child were to tell other people that their “mommy” or  “daddy” doesn’t love them.  I would NEVER put my child in that kind of position or EVER let them believe that, no matter what the circumstances. Continue reading

Today’s Food for Thought.


I love the process of creativity.  To me it is the life force.

In everything I do, I look for how to approach it creatively.  How do I engage myself into the process so that it becomes part of me, so that I take ownership of my part and bring part of myself to this?  When I am engaged in something creatively, the process becomes like breathing and I am alive and I am learning.

I cannot learn in a static environment of sitting in a desk and reading or listening.   I have to do.  I have to make mistakes, and solve them, and start again and find a different way.  Everything I have ever learned of any lasting value in my life has engaged my creativity. Continue reading

Nature Cops.

nature cops

After the drama of this morning Alexandria and I are going to become Nature Cops.

We are going to sew uniforms and get taser guns.

We will save the birds and the lizards and anything cute and furry.  She will handle snakes and I will wave at her from under my bed while she does.  Neither one of us really care about the spiders.  They can fend for themselves. Continue reading

Daily Snork


Ya … like if you don’t want us doing this stuff then don’t put ideas in our head and make us think it is acceptable when it is not.  So tired of getting in a costume and recreating stuff and having people freak.  How am I supposed to know that twerking is not allowed at church?


We are just so dog gone practical …




There is a fine line between an artist and insanity ….both the kid’s and his mom’s.

Today’s Food For Thought.


I wish that people understood how important childhood is and that your children are sponges.  I wish that people would realize it is not about the great clothes your dress them in or the awesome toys they have, it is about the people they are going to become.  They need real skills to navigate life.  They need to know how to love and be loved.  They need to feel powerful, they need to know who they are, they need discernment.  They need our encouragement and acceptance.

Having children is a responsibility, not just to the child, but to the world around us. Continue reading

Daily Snork










My best friends, the ones I keep, are the ones who have laughed with me and at me.  I believe good friends help prepare you for old age by allowing you to experience peeing your pants.  The best coverage for incontinence is not a depends but a bunch of you laughing like crazy so you can blame it on the humour and the good times.  Love you guys!!




Or drawn an imaginary line imprisoning two kids to their side of the seat ….




The best philosophy ever.