Can You Do Anything?

Wasting time

I like a lot of what Wayne Dyer has to say and have tremendous respect for Hay House, this is not a personal hack job.  I have been quite outspoken about the dangers of New Age which should prompt the same levels of discernment we exercise with anything, especially religions.  

Yes, there are many truths and many of them are beautiful and well worth our attention . . . but there are also half-truths and out and out lies … some of them dangerous.    There are many great people who do great works but no-one is perfect and we are fools to follow anyone blindly.  There are also people who intend to use your blind trust.

Best to understand you have your own inner source of perfect information – it is the same source everyone else dips into.

Why go THROUGH someone else for the information you need when you can get it for yourself??

The message we need to give one another is that YOU are unique and there is something that YOU were meant to do.  You can find that out and no matter how impossible it may seem, if it is what you were meant to do, you can do it.  Trust that.  Don’t look to what others have done and try to copy them.  Don’t limit the possibilities.   THAT is the message that we all need to hear, as often as possible, especially when we are kids!


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