Walk Forward Into the Unknown.

walk forward into the unknown

LOOK at the road in front of you.  Be present.  Even a fool can enjoy walking down a beautiful road, a pleasant road, the road they dreamed of being on.  But the hero accepts the road they are on.  They are open to new experiences, to unexpected side roads.  They are up to the challenge of a difficult road.   And even if it is a road they hate and struggle with, they hold their head high and they take in every step, every aspect of the road the scenery around it.  They are like sponges, sucking every lesson from it that they can because if they are going to have to be on a tough road, they are damn well going to learn the lesson.  The only thing worse than having a difficult road in front of you is to find yourself on it over and over again because you are complaining so loud, fighting so hard against being there, closing your eyes so tight in protest that you keep missing the journey.  Make the journey.  Embrace it.  Get the t-shirt and move on.


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