Vaccination Wars.

vaccination wars

Some time ago I started a discussion on my Facebook page about vaccinations.

I was hoping for some serious solutions to how parents were going to be allowed choice on whether to inoculate or not, in light of the new information coming out about the dangers  and ineffectiveness of the existing vaccines.  There is so much news out there on this right now that it is pointless for me to put up a single link to some of the information.  Like anything, I hope people will read everything they can and form their own opinions.

What ensued was a real dog fight.  On one side you have parents who love their children and want the best for them and so they insist on vaccinations … and on the other side you have parents who love their children and want the best for them and so they insist on NOT vaccinating.  Rather than discussing the actual substance of this debate, people seem more interested in engaging in a personal fight between the two groups of parents with both sides accusing the other of killing their kids.

Recognizing that both sides are coming from the same place, I wanted to know how we were going to ensure choice because right now – parents who do not want to vaccinate, have very little.

I have been following this for some time.  Children who are not vaccinated can not always get into school.  They have been denied passports.  Some of their parents have been jailed or had their children removed from their care  for “child neglect.”  Other parents refuse to let their vaccinated kids be around the non-vaccinated ones  in sporting and social groups because they believe contact to be “high risk.”  I even read an article that suggested some doctors are being fed information on their patients who are not immunizing so that they are prepared and can counter their arguments when they come in .

Everyone is grasping at hysteria which causes perhaps the biggest group of parents – the undecided – to just cover their ears with their hands and sing “la la la” out loud.

Decades ago I warned people that the laws being passed at that time would enable the Canadian government to bypass parental permission slips in administering drugs to our children.  People laughed at me.  It seemed a ridiculous statement.  Why would the government want to do that?

Well here we are.

The questions you should be asking are many.  If the vaccinations are as toxic/dangerous/ineffective as experts are claiming, who knew about it?  And if the government knew, why would they knowingly administer poison to our children?  And how do we make this ride stop so we can get off?

This whole subject hits at the very core of what is absolutely terrifying.  If we accept this, then we have to accept that our world is not all beer and skittles and there are some really nasty people out there – people who have power and control of our lives.  It means we have to get out of our easy chairs and turn the television off and do something.

How do parents fight this war and survive?  You would need a great deal of money to buck the system.  Homeschooling perhaps?  You would have to be prepared to drop out of the system on so many levels.

I don’t have any answers.  I just want to ask parents to be sensitive to one another and not turn this fight against each other because you are not the enemy here.  And for the love of everything you hold precious, let’s have the children go out and play while we discuss this and not target them because we don’t agree with their parents.  I think we need forums, lots of them, where parents from both sides can sit down and talk.  We need to all take it upon ourselves to read everything with an open mind and we need to demand answers from the medical profession and our governments.  We need to take back our power and start figuring our what is best for us and not letting other people, people who may or may not have the sickest of agendas, to decide for us.

And as for those families with children suffering with cancers, autism, and anything else that is now being linked to these vaccinations, it is too late to point fingers and lay blame and we have no real way of knowing if vaccinations were the cause in each case.  Being a parent is the hardest thing ever.  You do the best you can with what you have and know and still it is never enough and you look at your children and feel a tremendous sense of failure.  If loving someone was enough, our kids would all be perfect, but loving someone is not enough.   And so we all make mistakes.  Pointing fingers at these parents is cruel and unnecessary.  THAT is not our fight.

Our fight is to have the truth and to do everything we can to keep our children safe.  Our fight is to tear down the walls that separate us and start working towards the common good of all of us.  Our fight is to right what is wrong and make a difference for future generations.

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