Believe Nothing.


Wow this speaks to me on so many levels.  We grow up believing we are who our parents told us to be.  The voice of our own spirit is replaced with their words, our teachers, our friends, our coworkers, our religious leaders …  There are so many people talking to us in there, we have no room for ourselves.  We are just cut out cardboard of everyone else’s life and how they see us, often without even knowing us.  We don’t even know ourselves.

Learning to know myself, listening to my own voice, taught me that I am connected to source.  It taught me I am strong.  I am loved.  And it gave me the courage to face the world as me.  I am not afraid to make mistakes or to be wrong but I do live on purpose and I have never been happier.

I listen to others because I am willing to learn.  I consider what they say and I am open to finding room within me if it fits, but if it doesn’t … I can let it go.  That doesn’t mean I let the person go or that I love them any less, it just means that for me, where I am, with my own life to live, their ideas or thoughts are not mine.  Even if I find a place for those new concepts, they will be morphed and crafted into something that fits with me.  That does not make them mine any more than they were yours.

Truth exists independent of our understanding of it.  We peel it back in layers, looking at what we are prepared to see.  As we take it on board and apply it to our lives it becomes part of our story.  It is the sharing of spirit which is all light, all truth.  It is ours to partake of but belongs to none of us.

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