10 Characteristics of a Normal Person.


I do not believe people can be “defined.”

There is no list.

I lied to you.

People are a constantly evolving, work in progress.  They are capable of just about anything, given the right circumstances and opportunities.

We all fluctuate between things like  “sometimes being very social and sometimes being quiet.”  When we spend inordinate amounts of time trying to label ourselves, we are most often labeling actions and our actions are chosen responses, even when they have become a pattern of responses.  We use these definitions most often to excuse ourselves not to empower ourselves.

Defining past actions to come up with who we are in this moment is not living on purpose.  It is not living in the moment and it is not being open to the future.  It limits us.

These lists have become so popular we try to tell people who they are according to what cubicle in the bathroom they pick when THAT choice may not come down to anything more than what is typically available or the one without the biggest crack in the door for people to be able to see in or even the closest one because someone is not sure they can hold on past that one.

We tell people how to dress because we want to tell them THIS is the most flattering colour or shape on you, instead of deciding what you want to wear because you love it, and being happy with your own choice.  We do it because we want to fit in, belong, not break any rules.  We are giving away our own personal power and allowing others to control us when absolutely no-one knows who we are as well as we are meant to know ourselves.  We are “self” experts.  There is no debate.  It is not an argument anyone should ever be able to live because in judging others we are always applying labels.  Too often they are the same labels we use to define ourselves.

You are normal.

Even without a list to certify you.

You can waste your life looking at checklists or you can get on with living life.

Wait for the cake to bake or go ahead and lick the beaters now.

Your call.

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