This Is Why Mainstream News Sucks.


This is taken from and their “news” pics on 9-11.

What was written underneath was:  “Here’s one for the conspiracy nutters who claim the building was bombed and that there were never any planes. Clue: bombs don’t make plane-shaped holes.”

If you are going to put something in as “news” let’s get the facts straight.  I have never heard a “conspiracy nutter” claim that planes did not hit the building.  Everyone clearly saw at least one plane fly directly INTO the building.  DUH and DOUBLE DUH.

What the “nutters” have questioned is WHO flew the planes, what kind of planes they were etc.  They have questioned that a plane flying into the building would not have created the amount of damage we saw and would not have brought the buildings down. They have suggested only bombs could do that.

If you are going to step into a “discussion” you have to be a least willing to HEAR what the other side is saying.  That way, when you disagree and trot out your position, people tend to take you a little more seriously.  You don’t appear as stupid as this writer does simply because he is taking a shot at the “nutters” for something they did not even say AND even if he knows one or two who have … he is broad brushing the paint.


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