Other People’s Storms.


This is another beautiful quote and poster that I do not completely agree with.  I try to ask myself what the source of the storm is.  If it is from me, am I in disharmony with myself … acting in some way that it contrary to who I am?  If it is, I take full responsibility and try to fix it.  If the storm is coming from other people, you can offer them shelter.  You can share your peace, but sometimes their storm is raging with such force or is so constantly present, that they know nothing but the storm and they do not see, hear or feel peace.   Each situation is individual and only you can judge the danger, but be careful not to get sucked in to where you begin to think that is normal.

I worry about the people who read this and feel like it is only compassionate if they let others and the world bleed them dry, sucking every last drop of them out.  I see people do that.  I have allowed it to happen in my life.  Those people I tried to help were not helped.  They were not healthier or happier and suddenly there were two people drowning instead of one.

The question to ask is, what about the other people who could be comforted and calmed with your peace?  What if you are no longer around to help them, or have no peace to share?  What will they do?

Letting go is not about dismissing that person or not caring.  It is about acknowledging that they are perhaps not ready for peace, or that you are not the one to bring it to them.  So I love them, and bless them, and let them go.

I am worth saving too. I worked hard to get here to this place where I am calm and happy.  I chose it.  I choose it.  I live it.

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