Daily Snork.


I don’t even wanna talk about it.




That is why, when naming your child, you must choose a middle name that is as formal sounding as possible!!  “Binky” does not cut it.





I think this guy is one of my stalkers.  Him and his 8 brothers – how old is Octomom’s kids?  Were most of them boys?  Why do these men always begin their intro as “hi, I am so in love with you baby.  You are my angel.  How old are you?”

It doesn’t matter what you say, they don’t care you are married and have kids.  They don’t care that you love your husband.

“Why are you ignoring me baby, I just want to be with you and to hear your voice, please give me your phone number.  I can complete you and make you happier than you can even dream.”

“Umm,  I am with my husband and we are completing each other as I type and dreaming … big night of dreaming ahead of us.  He says you can give him your phone number and the two of you can talk ok?”

Where do they advertise the “Win the Woman of Your Dreams with Sleaze.  Just $89.99 for the secrets that unlocks the door.  You too can be a Sleaze Master. ”  Bathroom walls? Nuclear Bomb Shelter walls?  End of the world kool-aid cartons?

The sad thing is these men end up in “relationships.”  I think we need to find these women, do an intervention, and rescue them.





Happens all the time … sigh … shutup …. make me … who invited her?

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