Excuse Me Mr. Attenborough, I Strongly Disagree.


Over this past week I have been reading a lot about the loss of the middle class, specifically in America.  Regardless of the authenticity of the many such “reports” there is no denying that the distance between the ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’ is  increasing.  The wealthy people are richer and there are more poorer people than ever.  Somewhere in the middle are the people who think they are doing ok, who think they have the potential to get to the wealthy side and are in complete denial of any possibility they could ever end up needing welfare.

They shouldn’t worry about that though, because judging from some of the comments I have read on the many forums, they are going to see to it that the welfare system is either done away with or made so untenable that it can’t survive.

I guess it is easier to condemn all people on welfare as lazy abusers of the system than to see any of ourselves in them.  That would be too tough to take.

Ironically we have history that shows us the tables can be turned and the poorer people are equally capable of hate and murder once identifying the source of all their problems as being all wealthy people.

We seem to take the bad acts of a few and paint broad strokes in our arguments, forgetting that people are not numbers, nor cattle … we are all individuals.  Nowhere has it been acceptable to just apply one band-aid to our problems without dealing with things in a case by case scenario.  Each murderer gets his own trial.  Each patient gets an examination.   Most parents understand you can’t just apply discipline across the board with your kids, you have to understand the child and make the discipline meaningful and effective for them.

So why do we see some people behaving badly and apply it right across the board to everyone, everywhere, through all time?

Are we incapable of dealing with those cases as they present themselves?

I have also been reading how we need to reduce the world’s population and some disturbing ideas of how to do it.  Let me first observe that these ideas are almost always put forward by people who live lives of privilege, who have some power, and have the expectation that they themselves would, of course, NOT be in the group to be “controlled.”  Control is always about some other country … over there … who are already suffering poverty and disease.  I understand completely, much easier to just kill them all, (not in front of us thank heavens) than have to actually come up with some viable solution.

My second observance is not that we have an overpopulation so much as we have an inability to manage the world’s resources.  Never mind the practices of food production and the involvement of big money and politics in all that, we are also battling the real cheats and liars who are sitting in political and business power, who make sure the aid never gets through to these people and the help is always thwarted.  They don’t want to help but they don’t want anyone else to do it either.  And because the only thing that matters to them is money, they are willing to create more poverty to achieve it.

In the early 80’s I sat with a group of men from the prairies of Canada who detailed for me their plan to feed the world.  It was amazing, and it could have worked.  It was not complicated, it was simple common sense.  They took it to Ottawa and of course, were denied.  Our governments don’t want to talk solutions.  WE have the solutions people, you and I, and together there is nothing we cannot solve.

But first we have to get up and turn the television off and start communicating with one another.

First we have to stop hating on one another and denying that we are exactly the same and stop judging what we do or don’t do.  Can we put that aside for the greater good of making a difference here?

Our DNA has switches in it.  Depending on what “pressure” or influence if you like, is brought to bear on it, scientists are now wondering if we can change our manifestation.  We only use 1/3 of our DNA.   Think of water, depending on if you raise or lower the temperature, it can manifest as a liquid, a solid or a gas.  We know that human beings, with different thoughts and idea, have changed their physical appearance and their health (as documented with DID (formerly Multiple Personality Disorders).  So science has studied the impact of emotions.  You have probably seen some of the pictures where water is exposed to emotion.  Positive emotions create beautiful patterns and negative emotions ugly patterns.  They have studied the impact of emotions in the body and found a positive emotion triggers the brain to release life affirming chemistry while negative emotions trigger life denying chemistry.  Of all the emotions, the one that has the most positive impact, is compassion.

Compassion is the key.

People who are afraid are angry.  They blame others, they are out of control.  People who are waking up are beginning to understand there are answers, we have hope, we have power.  That is not to say that the issues and concerns of those who are afraid are not worth looking at and talking about.  They are vital to us understanding what needs to be done and doing it.  Everyone’s experience and input is valid.  It creates the picture we need to confront.

We have to be able to accept one another, with our differences and ideas, without needing everyone to LIKE the IDEAS of each other.  An idea is a tool.  Fighting as we are is as stupid as working in a garden together and one person says that they hate a certain hoe and another person saying that hoe is the best ever and then one of them shooting the other over it.  Who cares what tool is in the other’s hand and if they like it?  We are gardening together.  I can use the hoe I like.

If you start from the understanding that both people want the best garden … Good .. . we are on the same team so no need to question each other’s intent or integrity.  The person who loves the hoe might just be more easy going and overlooks the fact the hoe’s handle is not that long and causes back ache.  He may have a stronger back.  Maybe by listening to the other person’s concerns, he might learn something.  Maybe a third person might have an idea how to address that and come up with a new hoe that everyone uses and finds is much better.  Or maybe the one who hates the hoe is using it wrong, maybe they have blisters and that is the issue more than the hoe … they need gloves.  What I am trying to say is focus on the solution.  Don’t be afraid to hear things that are different from your ideas.  Be open and willing to look to change, not as a personal rejection but as an opportunity to be part of moving forward, together.

But it has to start with an acceptance that we are all in this together and even those people who are abusing the welfare system get invited to the table.  And maybe instead of our condemnation we start working on reawakening them to their responsibilities and their potential.   I get that not everyone can or wants to do that work but there will people who can work it like magic.  Those people can focus there.

Talk nicely to one another.

Focus on solutions.

Forget about killing people.

If that is our solution to the problems in front of us, then none of us will ever find peace.

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