Daily Snork.


We must seem like such a disappointment to our pets.  Which is why I don’t have any.  After you have had cows that roll their eyes at you and leave you out because you don’t have as many stomachs … you never get over it … ever ….


I don’t know why some of you are laughing … let’s talk about what you are wearing right now!  Now open your closet … empty right?  Now look at the laundry basket, or the floor, or whatever is applicable.  Go do your laundry!


I think my husband put this one in.  He is logical and all mathematical and left brained and doesn’t appreciate the sparkle ponies and pink moonbeams I like to paint in.  He fights against my wearing costumes when I talk to him, or my using hand puppets to illustrate the point.  He thinks I should just bottom line it even when I explain to him the plane is still up in the air, I paid for the flight and have 2 hours before I am due to land.  He usually suddenly “remembers” something he has to go and do.

That’s ok though cause I can use the time to draw pictures.

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