Today’s Food For Thought.


It is important how we look at life, and what we pull into our being.  I have always thought of my home as my sanctuary . . . it matters to me that it is a place where I can be quiet, I can rest, I can laugh, be creative.  It is a gentle place.  It is a place where I have always allowed my family to be themselves.  They are allowed to be who they are, have their own emotions, and to know that they are respected.  They know that they are loved.  It is a place where they can heal.  It is a place where the world is not allowed to push its anger, its expectations, its worry into …

My soul is even more important and I guard what and who is allowed access.  I have great capacity to love and that love is expressed through action but inside me, my heart, my soul, my being, is only room for love.  I must be loved.  I must only allow in that which nourishes that love.  Sometimes that means I have to eliminate situations and people from my life because if I am not loved, I cannot be who I am.


This applies in so many areas.  I was thinking about it in terms of friends lately.

Some people make mistakes, get caught, and really care about understanding themselves and the other person.  They care about making things right.  Other people continue the game and compound the hurt by retaliating against the person they hurt for having the nerve to call them on it.  Sometimes those kinds of people make it easy  to decide whether there is any friendship left to repair.

It is vital to me to have the conversation, to let people know how I feel.  I do often try to explain myself, not that they have to agree with me, but so they understand where I am coming from.  Sometimes it is a sharing of a fault or short coming in me that makes me overly sensitive to something.  Sometimes it is an explanation of what I was/am trying to do.

The best friendships make it through troubles and come out of the other end with a deeper lover, a greater understanding.    Some friendships hit rough patches and they fall apart because there never was a real friendship there.  2 people can take the truth and work through difficulties if there is a mutual goal or desire to do that.

One person cannot care enough to make up for the other who cares not at all.

Truth is scary to many people.  To other people it is a tool so they can learn and grow.  It is a light that leads them through their life.  They are not afraid to have it show them a different way, a new understanding . . .


Once we understand that, we stop looking to others to give us truth as if it is new information and we look inside ourselves to remember what we have always known, to reawaken our understanding.

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