Today’s Food For Thought.


We are not in charge of other people’s lives.  The best we can do is to share their journey and encourage them.  We can empower people by letting them know they are strong enough to find their own way … to find their own answers.  That is being a friend, a parent, a teacher …

Usurping stewardship from others is evil.  It is about control and it is about imposing our beliefs and ideals and needs onto others.  If you only love someone as long as they agree with you, or as long as they do as you want them to, it is not love.  Loving one another is about allowing other people to be who they are and you focusing on who you are.


So many of us need to really think about the message in this one.  We cry over what we have lost.  We feel so bad, we focus so much on that sense of loss, it consumes us.  Often there is nothing we can do to change the situation, but it does not stop us from letting it park in our heart.

Letting go is about focusing on here and now .  What might we miss if we are not ready?  What might pass right by if all we can do is cry and talk about our loss?

Be gentle with yourself.  Make time for you.  Do those things that feed your soul and reaffirm that you matter.

Healing takes so much longer when we lie still and wait for it.  When we begin to move, and reclaim our lives, our days, our activities, it is aided.  It takes us from victim mode to survivor.  It gives us other things to focus on and it moves us away from the people and situations that might be difficult.


Teach your children to embrace and love the truth.  Teach them about justice.  Teach them about love.  Teach them to give and to receive.  Show them how to use these tools to heal, to protect, to interact with one another.  Be their example.

They need so much more than designer jeans and vacations in Disneyland.  They need substance.


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