Controversy over Rape Advice?



Real Housewife defends marital rape advice in controversial new book?

I am not sure what is more disturbing to me … what she and her husband say or that people will buy this book as if it were actually some kind of marriage manual that they should emulate.

I don’t understand it to be honest.  People who are on a TV show, the purpose of which is to provide entertainment first and foremost, who get paid money for their ratings which means they understand drama and controversy sells, end up being role models.   We care so much about them and their influence on us that we are willing to get upset when they write a book about their marriage.  We are outraged that they might say something that would be detrimental to other people’s ideas of marriage.

We even have experts commenting on it … like this is all real . . . their lives, the book ….

People are going to buy this book and be unduly influenced.  They are going to think this is what marriage is all about.

Are you freaking kidding me???

We call the Gorgas irresponsible and start lecturing them on their marriage and how to raise their children.

From where I am sitting, as stupid as their comments were/are, the even stupider comments are from the people who are acting like this is such a moral outrage.

Get.  Up.

Turn.  The.  TV.  Off.

Now turn around three time and open your eyes.

Let me intro you to  your family and your marriage.  Decide what it is all about.  Get into the drivers seat and drive.  You can do it.  You get to.  It is called YOUR life.

You are not some eternal victim here who is unable to battle the onslaught of stupid ideas and ridiculous comments.

Stop making stupid people celebrities.  Stop rewarding their stupidity with your hard earned dollars and your precious time and attention.

It really is that simple.


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