Intention May Be One of The Most Powerful Forces in the Universe.


Intention is perhaps more important that people have ever realized.

Intention is about the thought process that goes into, or is absent from, any action that we carry out.

Intention defines us.  It is our character revealed in our actions.  It impacts our health and our emotions.  It impacts our DNA.  We create the world around us with our intentions.

It is the substance behind the power of prayer, meditation, learning, performance ….it is everything.  Without it, our actions are empty and meaningless.  We react to random events.  With it, we give our actions power and purpose and meaning.  We intensify our efforts.  We focus them.

Life is about the intention of our lives that we focus on, so that we can change ourselves.  By changing how our body is, our mind, our soul … we bear great influence on the world around us.  We can change the tide, we can stay the storm.  We can create movement when there is none.  We can inspire.  We can lift and build.  We can heal.

A  mother knows this through her children.  She can make a crying baby worse by getting upset and worried or she can completely calm herself and transfer that calmness and reassurance to the baby.  It has to happen first within her before she calms the child.  By calming herself, then her child, the home is calmed, the other people in the family, the neighbourhood … the community.

There is tremendous power in this.  There is magic.  There is possibilities beyond anything we ever imagined.

Sometimes the answer is so completely simple we miss it.

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