Today’s Food For Thought.


Wow does this one sit with me.  You can ignore it but it doesn’t go away.  You can do the easy way or a half-assed way but it is still going to be there waiting for you to deal with it.  Dealing with it is only about one thing … learning the lesson.

Sometimes the lesson comes back with different characters and a different face, but it is the same issue.  I figure it would be pretty frustrating to get to the end of your life and realize you went nowhere really, just kept spinning your tires in the same situation simply because you would not learn the lesson.  You could have done it the first time, or the 873rd time and moved on to different things, but you didn’t.

So now, when bad things happen, I look for the lesson.  I sit down and study the situation and even ask for help to find the lesson so that I can get it over with.  If I am going to go through hell, I sure as heck am going to make sure I pick up that lesson so that I never have to come back and look for it.

If you find yourself facing the same issue over and over again then ask yourself, what am I supposed to learn here?  Sometimes just acknowledging that unplugs the dam and sets you free.


This is so very true.

If we are never challenged and pushed over the edge, beyond our comfort zone, we often will not even open ourselves to new ideas and solutions.  We get comfortable so fast.  We accept mediocrity and get by with the minimum effort because we can.  When we are pushed to that desperate place, when we are broken down or open, is when we finally surrender what we know and consider the possibilities that we don’t know.  We try anything.  We scramble.

Pain moves us from our comfort zone.

And often, we do indeed find strength and ability beyond what we knew possible.  We are deepened and expanded and we are never the same again.  We don’t quite fit in the box anymore and our world is larger all around us.

It would be terrible to think we missed out because we were afraid of the pain.  Maybe we need to shift our idea of what pain is, our fear of it … to accept and embrace it.  Maybe we need to honour  it.


I love this one the most today because we are not little bits that make up the whole.  We are all whole.  We are the whole.  Us being whole makes the whole whole.  The illusion of being small, of being insignificant , is such a big fat lie that has caused us all such pain.  You do matter.  There is not separation from anything or anyone  . . . just the walls you build around yourself and accept.

There is nothing more amazing that watching people get this and realize how ridiculous we are to fight one another over differences that are as much a part of us and they are them.  Just because we do not see that within ourselves does not mean it is not there.

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