Today’s Food For Thought.


I wish that people understood how important childhood is and that your children are sponges.  I wish that people would realize it is not about the great clothes your dress them in or the awesome toys they have, it is about the people they are going to become.  They need real skills to navigate life.  They need to know how to love and be loved.  They need to feel powerful, they need to know who they are, they need discernment.  They need our encouragement and acceptance.

Having children is a responsibility, not just to the child, but to the world around us.


I try so hard to remember the direction of my journey.   I don’t have to get lost in where I am.  I don’t need to fear.  I just need to turn my face to the light and begin to move towards it.  Sometimes that movement begins with just knowing I want to move.


I see so many people struggling and feeling defeated by mere experiences of life.   Sometimes I wonder why we have this expectation that all life is meant to be some kind of party and when it is not we take responsibility for it like we are in charge of the universe.  I also notice how many people suffering, suffer more because of the insensitivities of people around them who, because they are doing well, either don’t care or worse, lecture them.  Life is a full buffet and we all get some of everything.  We get the things we like and enjoy but everyone also gets money worries, relationship problems, family issues, health concerns, death, loss, failure.  Everyone.  These parts come at different times, in different strengths but we all have them and that should make us more understanding and kinder to those around us who suffer and more patient and accepting to ourselves.  We are allowed to cry.  We are allowed to feel.  And then we should look around ourselves and find the lesson, and recognize the gift these things bring to us.  This is life.  The sun would never feel so glorious on our skin if we had not shivered in the cold darkness of winter.  Without darkness, light is irrelevant.

It would be lovely to learn all of our life lessons, to understand ourselves, but simply sunbathing on a beach with a cool drink in hand but that is not how life works.

I am so grateful for my life.  For all of it.  I am grateful I am pushed beyond what I know I am capable of and that nothing that ever happens to me is a waste or pointless.  How amazing is it that our every experience is a gift we can use to better connect, to open our hearts to the world around us?  I freaking love that.

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