Daily Snork


This would be funny if I had not raised this very argument in my own defense.  It seemed like a good idea at the time, deflect the attention away from my laziness to the inappropriate language choices of the adults, underling that the comment was at best, confusing and at it’s worse insulting.  Of course, had I taken the time to fully understand the seriousness of the situation, as in, one of the parental units in question was holding a wooden spoon at the time and the other had a belt holding up his pants, I might have considered other options as more viable at that moment.

I didn’t, and hence, while I appreciate the effort of this humour, I am still feeling a little sensitive about what turned out to be a FREAKING NIGHTMARE.


I used this line every time I was out on public with my children.  That and turning your head and looking at other women in the store when they simultaneously scream out your name and announce that one of them just messed their pants in Aisle 4.


I like this method … everyone on … let’s go … I mean the kids either hold on or they don’t.  These kids won’t be complaining about  nothing to do on the trip.  Holding on for dear life tends to give you a real unique perspective that often precludes boredom.


As long as everyone listening is drinking too … it’s all good.

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