Today’s Food For Thought.

child abuse

I would be ashamed to have any child I was raising was talking to someone about their non custodial parent and tell them that they hate their “mommy” or “daddy.”   I don’t understand why some parents then stand there beaming at the child like they have just earned an “A” on some test.   My heart would break if my child were to tell other people that their “mommy” or  “daddy” doesn’t love them.  I would NEVER put my child in that kind of position or EVER let them believe that, no matter what the circumstances.

I wonder sometimes if these parents who feed their children such hate know how terrible a parent it makes them look.  It really does.  Think about it.  You are teaching your child to hate, and you are denying them love.  On what planet does that constitute being a good parent?  Not in any intelligent one.


Yup wake up people.  Money, power, prestige … most people are waking up to how shallow and empty that all is.  If you are basing your value on these things then you are sadly sadly missing out on life and what is real and meaningful.

There are so many good, talented people out there who have nothing and I would rather spend a lifetime with most of them, than 5 more seconds with someone whose only conversation is how expensive their dress is and look at another “toy” they just bought.   When I think of some of the opportunities I would have missed out on in my life, had I judged myself or others by superficial crap, I am grateful beyond belief that I was surrounded by people who taught me better.


A life without regrets, recognizing this balance . . . I have learned to live it.  Even if life did not give me what I wanted, it has always given me what I needed and no experience is lost, if I hold on to the lesson.

2 thoughts on “Today’s Food For Thought.

  1. You are right 🙂 I am a kid that was brought up exactly like that. It made my life harder in so many ways. Relationships impacted. Trust impacted. So many things.

    Kevin’s boys have a Mom. Her and I are friends 🙂 I think when you remember that the children ARE the gift … it makes being kind easy. I take my responsibility to show them how to love others seriously. How to be generous human beings. How hate is too easy and definitely the low road.


    • I have seen it in far too many situations and it is always the kid that suffers. I just do not get how any parent can or would do that to a child. We have situations like that in our family and the only message the children ever hear from us, NO MATTER WHAT, is that your other parent loves you. NO, you might be angry with them right now, but you don’t hate them and we don’t want you to hate anyone. Even if the other parent is a dead beat, THAT child needs to hear that they are loved. The adults can deal with the money issues. Children feel so caught in the middle and often only parrot what they know their parent wants to hear and then feels like crap for saying bad things.


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