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Ya … like if you don’t want us doing this stuff then don’t put ideas in our head and make us think it is acceptable when it is not.  So tired of getting in a costume and recreating stuff and having people freak.  How am I supposed to know that twerking is not allowed at church?


We are just so dog gone practical …




There is a fine line between an artist and insanity ….both the kid’s and his mom’s.


Today’s Food For Thought.


I wish that people understood how important childhood is and that your children are sponges.  I wish that people would realize it is not about the great clothes your dress them in or the awesome toys they have, it is about the people they are going to become.  They need real skills to navigate life.  They need to know how to love and be loved.  They need to feel powerful, they need to know who they are, they need discernment.  They need our encouragement and acceptance.

Having children is a responsibility, not just to the child, but to the world around us. Continue reading

Daily Snork










My best friends, the ones I keep, are the ones who have laughed with me and at me.  I believe good friends help prepare you for old age by allowing you to experience peeing your pants.  The best coverage for incontinence is not a depends but a bunch of you laughing like crazy so you can blame it on the humour and the good times.  Love you guys!!




Or drawn an imaginary line imprisoning two kids to their side of the seat ….




The best philosophy ever.

Today’s Food For Thought.


Wow does this one sit with me.  You can ignore it but it doesn’t go away.  You can do the easy way or a half-assed way but it is still going to be there waiting for you to deal with it.  Dealing with it is only about one thing … learning the lesson.

Sometimes the lesson comes back with different characters and a different face, but it is the same issue.  I figure it would be pretty frustrating to get to the end of your life and realize you went nowhere really, just kept spinning your tires in the same situation simply because you would not learn the lesson.  You could have done it the first time, or the 873rd time and moved on to different things, but you didn’t. Continue reading

Intention May Be One of The Most Powerful Forces in the Universe.


Intention is perhaps more important that people have ever realized.

Intention is about the thought process that goes into, or is absent from, any action that we carry out.

Intention defines us.  It is our character revealed in our actions.  It impacts our health and our emotions.  It impacts our DNA.  We create the world around us with our intentions. Continue reading

Controversy over Rape Advice?



Real Housewife defends marital rape advice in controversial new book?

I am not sure what is more disturbing to me … what she and her husband say or that people will buy this book as if it were actually some kind of marriage manual that they should emulate.

I don’t understand it to be honest.  People who are on a TV show, the purpose of which is to provide entertainment first and foremost, who get paid money for their ratings which means they understand drama and controversy sells, end up being role models.   We care so much about them and their influence on us that we are willing to get upset when they write a book about their marriage.  We are outraged that they might say something that would be detrimental to other people’s ideas of marriage. Continue reading

Wings to Fly.

my message

I scanned through the pics of a young woman that I know and love.  They are full of her dressed and performing like a trained seal.  She is in adult clothes, adult situations, constantly with either adults, or with children much younger than herself.  She writes and says all the right things but missing is all the evidence of her being a child …her having her own interests, her own time, her own friends her own age.  Missing is her life.

It is all their life.  Their plans for her, now so superimposed on her and over her that there is almost no recognizable sign of a little girl that I once knew who laughed and embraced life like no-one else I had ever seen. Continue reading