Today’s Food For Thought.


Wow does this one sit with me.  You can ignore it but it doesn’t go away.  You can do the easy way or a half-assed way but it is still going to be there waiting for you to deal with it.  Dealing with it is only about one thing … learning the lesson.

Sometimes the lesson comes back with different characters and a different face, but it is the same issue.  I figure it would be pretty frustrating to get to the end of your life and realize you went nowhere really, just kept spinning your tires in the same situation simply because you would not learn the lesson.  You could have done it the first time, or the 873rd time and moved on to different things, but you didn’t. Continue reading

Intention May Be One of The Most Powerful Forces in the Universe.


Intention is perhaps more important that people have ever realized.

Intention is about the thought process that goes into, or is absent from, any action that we carry out.

Intention defines us.  It is our character revealed in our actions.  It impacts our health and our emotions.  It impacts our DNA.  We create the world around us with our intentions. Continue reading

Controversy over Rape Advice?



Real Housewife defends marital rape advice in controversial new book?

I am not sure what is more disturbing to me … what she and her husband say or that people will buy this book as if it were actually some kind of marriage manual that they should emulate.

I don’t understand it to be honest.  People who are on a TV show, the purpose of which is to provide entertainment first and foremost, who get paid money for their ratings which means they understand drama and controversy sells, end up being role models.   We care so much about them and their influence on us that we are willing to get upset when they write a book about their marriage.  We are outraged that they might say something that would be detrimental to other people’s ideas of marriage. Continue reading

Wings to Fly.

my message

I scanned through the pics of a young woman that I know and love.  They are full of her dressed and performing like a trained seal.  She is in adult clothes, adult situations, constantly with either adults, or with children much younger than herself.  She writes and says all the right things but missing is all the evidence of her being a child …her having her own interests, her own time, her own friends her own age.  Missing is her life.

It is all their life.  Their plans for her, now so superimposed on her and over her that there is almost no recognizable sign of a little girl that I once knew who laughed and embraced life like no-one else I had ever seen. Continue reading

Daily Snork.







I am good at all the things I do.  I believe if you are going to do it, do it well.  I like to dress for the parade, have a band announce my coming and then just get right into it.  I don’t think anyone should be left in any doubt as to whether the Bitch Queen has passed.


Clearly this is NOT a Second Life Squirrel.


Some of my best friends in the world are the people who think I am awesome … it just connected me to them right away!

Today’s Food For Thought.


We are not in charge of other people’s lives.  The best we can do is to share their journey and encourage them.  We can empower people by letting them know they are strong enough to find their own way … to find their own answers.  That is being a friend, a parent, a teacher …

Usurping stewardship from others is evil.  It is about control and it is about imposing our beliefs and ideals and needs onto others.  If you only love someone as long as they agree with you, or as long as they do as you want them to, it is not love.  Loving one another is about allowing other people to be who they are and you focusing on who you are. Continue reading

Daily Snork.










Other counties show work related injuries using real people and real situations but in Canada, nothing wrenches the heart and drives a point home more than a dead beaver.  We are very very attached to our rodents that symbolize our country.

Today’s Food For Thought.


It is important how we look at life, and what we pull into our being.  I have always thought of my home as my sanctuary . . . it matters to me that it is a place where I can be quiet, I can rest, I can laugh, be creative.  It is a gentle place.  It is a place where I have always allowed my family to be themselves.  They are allowed to be who they are, have their own emotions, and to know that they are respected.  They know that they are loved.  It is a place where they can heal.  It is a place where the world is not allowed to push its anger, its expectations, its worry into … Continue reading

Daily Snork.


We must seem like such a disappointment to our pets.  Which is why I don’t have any.  After you have had cows that roll their eyes at you and leave you out because you don’t have as many stomachs … you never get over it … ever ….


I don’t know why some of you are laughing … let’s talk about what you are wearing right now!  Now open your closet … empty right?  Now look at the laundry basket, or the floor, or whatever is applicable.  Go do your laundry!


I think my husband put this one in.  He is logical and all mathematical and left brained and doesn’t appreciate the sparkle ponies and pink moonbeams I like to paint in.  He fights against my wearing costumes when I talk to him, or my using hand puppets to illustrate the point.  He thinks I should just bottom line it even when I explain to him the plane is still up in the air, I paid for the flight and have 2 hours before I am due to land.  He usually suddenly “remembers” something he has to go and do.

That’s ok though cause I can use the time to draw pictures.

Today’s Food For Thought.

perfect ending

This was a hard earned lesson for me.  It took my husband dying for me to finally admit I did not have all the answers, I was not born in a super hero costume, and I no-one else ever expected me to take on that role.  That is when I finally let go and admitted I had no clue what i was doing, I couldn’t do it all, and had to accept that the Universe was unfolding as it should without paying any attention to my whining.

I am grateful for that experience because in that moment that seemed hell and defeat and everything painful I could ever imagine, I also found peace.  And in letting go I allowed myself, my husband, and our children, to be in charge of their own lives and to let the experience be what it needed to be.  Now, years from that day I can see the greater wisdom than my own at work and the many lessons earned at the hands of a tragedy. Continue reading