Today’s Food For Thought


I remember school and I pretty much remember it as that.  I mean from my own experience.

I sent my kids to school and I pretty much remember it as that.  I mean from their experience and from me being a parent watching what was expected.

I am now watching my grandchildren in the same rut. Continue reading


“You are vast. Fear does not contain you. You contain fear. Anger does not contain you. You contain anger. Thoughts do not define you. Feelings cannot limit you. Pain cannot destroy you. You allow all of these life-movements to arise, express themselves, and dissolve. You remain, whole, ever-present, wide open, untouched yet deeply touched, the pure strength of total vulnerability.
Being the the ever-present room for all thoughts, sensations, feelings, you allow all content, contain all content, but no content can ever contain you. You provide space for limitation, but you can never be limited yourself. You are uncontainable, free, totally alive, never captured by a name, thought, belief, judgement or feeling. You are mysterious in essence, and can never be objectified, not even by the word “awareness”.”  Jeff Foster

Today’s Food For Thought

let things happen

It took me awhile to understand that there is no place where we get to where everything is perfect.  There is nothing that is going to be better than, or take the place of this moment.   There is only this moment.  Sometimes the moment teaches us with pain, sometimes it brings complete pleasure, but every moment is a gift.  My greatest sadness comes when I am unwilling to cherish the moment and I long for something that seems to me to be more than what I have right now. Continue reading

Today’s Food For Thought.


As children we are not allowed adult choices because we are incapable of understanding the consequences of our choice.  We allow that even when a child makes an adult choice, that they are not held to the same level of responsibility for that same reason.  Once a child is considered an adult, they gain the right to make those choices, something we often celebrate and run towards with wild abandon.  What is not often discussed, is the consequences which are now married to those choices.  In other words, you are free to make adult choices, but you will now also be dealing with and be responsible for,  the adult consequences. Continue reading

Today’s Food For Thought


More and more I understand the importance of being open minded, of acknowledging that life is a journey, that we change and grow daily and that holding on to anything and fearing change is a decision to stop life from the flowing energy it is meant to be.

The greater challenge has not been so much about allowing all that for me, as it has been to remind myself it applies to all people.  It is not fair of me to judge anyone based on something they did 10 years ago.  It is not even fair for me to judge someone based on what they did yesterday.  Every moment of our lives change us and that is good, that is positive.  If we can begin to accept that we are flawed, we make mistakes, and those mistakes are some of the most brilliant teaching tools we have.  If we can allow other people to make their mistakes and graciously facilitate their chance to own their learnings and make the changes they need to . . . I believe we will see the power of love in action. Continue reading