Letting Go.


“To let go does not mean to get rid of.  To let go means to let be.  When we let be with compassion, things come and go on their own.”   Jack Kornfield

I was sitting out by the pool today and reflecting.

We talk about letting go of things and often it is in terms of the bad things in our life.  Sometimes we talk about the past, sometimes about people and situations that are not really healthy for us.  We talk about letting go so that we can move on to new and better things.

I moved from Canada to Australia 7 years ago.  My Australian husband had lived in Canada with me for a few years and we decided to give Australia a go for a whole range of reasons.

I am a 4th generation Canadian.  I met my first husband, we married, we raised a family.  We had a lot of happiness, created a ton of memories and created our own traditions, as well as taking on those we had been raised with.  When my husband passed away with a rare blood disorder, a lot of things changed but I was still in Canada and carrying on normally, as much as was possible under the circumstances.

It was exciting to come to a new country, to get to know my husband’s family better and to experience so many different things.  I let go of a lot of things too.

Many of those things were good things, some were great things.  I would not say I gave them up for better things but I let go of them for different things.   Sometimes life asks us to do that.

It has been really hard at times.  I miss those good things that were so much a part of my life in Canada.  Some of them were little things I took for granted and never really thought about, and some were pretty darn important things to me that I loved.  Some of them were people, some things, and some situations and events.  I had to learn to let go of them all or else I would miss out on learning about the new things.  If I really wanted to experience and be open to my new life … I had to let go.

In some respects letting go of bad things is a no brainer.  I know it is not always easy but at least you know you should.  Letting go of good things brings a whole new set of parameters to the ball game – one of the big ones being guilt.  We are supposed to collect all the pretty eggs we can find right?  Keep them all and find more.  But life is not a destination even though it has an endpoint.  Life is a journey, and sometimes all those good things keep us so satisfied, and even at times weighed down, to the point where we just sit where we are.

I think about all that I would have missed out on had I not been willing to let go of what was known and secure.

I can look back at the good things I let go of and appreciate them, and more importantly, it reminds me to appreciate NOW because I can’t always guarantee I will have it.  It is a gift.  It is THE present.

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