The Lies We Tell Ourselves.

worst lies

The only thing that can ever die is that which is a lie.  Truth stands forever.  What is real stands forever.

At the end of this life, we lay our bodies in the ground, because they are not real.  They are not us.  The real part of who we are continues on, freed from the confines of a physical body.

We talk of valuing life but it is not the shell that is worth fighting for, it is the spirit within that we are honouring.  In life, it is the lies that we must conquer.  We must see the truth.  We must see what is real and we must fight for it, and expose it, and honour it. 

When we lie down with the lies, when we take them on and live them, or agree to a collusion of silence in their presence, we are surrendering ourselves.

How ironic that the one thing that conquers most men is their fear of that truth.  They may speak to honouring truth in every aspect of their lives and fail completely at honouring the truth of who they are.  They spend a lifetime running from ever being alone, ever dealing with their demons, ever trying to find themselves.  They pass through this life, usually with a string of failed relationships and great unhappiness, never having understood themselves.  They are the loneliest men in the world.

My first husband was a man of great integrity, as is my second.  When my first husband died, he sealed his life with 3 years of a journey into accepting pain beyond belief, and fighting every day to stay.  He knew the lies.  He knew the truth and he clung to the connection of his spirit with his family beyond what any of the doctors thought possible.  He would not have exchanged one moment of those 3 years for anything because despite the physical pain he was in, he felt tremendous joy with life and being able to be there.

Scott Peck wrote a controversial book called People of the Lie.  He talks about people who live lies and who are toxic.  People like that can make us feel insane, make us doubt ourselves, and worse.  It can be so easy to lose our way in that rabbit run of a relationship and shut out those who really care and see what we cannot see.

Truth is essential.

Even if you can only hold on to one thing you know to be the truth.  It is enough to build on.  It is enough to start over with.  Truth is light and the light will lead you through to who you are.  Once you have hold of who you are you can stand in the place you are meant to stand with joy and peace.

Peace is the gift of a heart reconciled with the truth.

But it takes a journey of self that many fear to take.

2 thoughts on “The Lies We Tell Ourselves.

  1. I want to wrap my arms around you and squeeze you. Not in sympathy, but in empathy because I knew exactly what you were talking about.

    You already are the victory because you can see the difference between the two. Truth isn’t something we tell; it’s something you are.

    And you are something even more than that ❤


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