Today’s Food For Thought.

you are energy

Years ago, when I first started speaking, I addressed auditoriums full of people, who would come to me afterwards and tell me what a great talk I gave.  I found myself depressed.  I did not want to be the entertainment.  I wanted what I said to be a tool that caused people to find within themselves a course of action that changed them, changed the way things were.  I wanted to empower them.

I gave way the auditoriums for a more intimate one on one setting with smaller groups.  I wanted to be sure each person was getting what they needed, but still I had people showing up who had a toolbox full of manuals and books and ticket stubs from all their classes and workshops.  Tucked in their wallets were the tickets to the next one already booked after my class.  These people go through life collecting tools that they never use.  They think they win by having the most tools at the end of it all and never seem to understand that they are meant to put them to use, to test them, to make them their own unique tools.

We don’t need to seek out information from others.  We all have ALL the information within us.  We need to wake up and remember.  Discovery is a process within us.  Others can inspire us, they can give us tools, but they cannot do the work we are meant to do.  Unfortunately we turn to others because the truth is we don’t know ourselves, we don’t trust ourselves . . . we need outside approval.

Your higher power wants to connect with you.   He/She/It wants to empower you.  Why would someone else be in charge of your life, or be the conduit of the things you need for your life?  Yes, we have parents, who can be inspired for their children.  We are fortunate to have partners who can sometimes be inspired for us but the goal is for us to know that connection ourselves.  If you don’t have it then it is because you do not value it and if you do not value it, you cannot truly value yourself.  READ the words of the great minds, hearts and talents of this world.  Almost, without fail, they speak of how things come to them … beyond themselves.  They are receivers.  You are no different.  Greatness is not something the world gifts you … it is a discovery of self.  Anyone who stands within their true identity and lives a life that honours their own understandings, is great, and fearless … and on fire …. and at peace.

dig deepThere is such joy and power in knowing yourself.  Therein lies your connection to God that has nothing to do with religion, or family or culture or education.  Therein lies everything you need to be powerful and overcome anything.  Therein lies the truth.  Therein lies your gifts.

grow through life

Hunger for learning.  Thirst for knowledge.  Accept that what you know today will pale in comparison to what you know and understand tomorrow.  Accept that you grow and change and so does the world, and so do other people.  You are not the messed up kid who got into trouble in your teens.  Those mistakes do not define you.  They are part of your journey, they changed you, but you would not do those things again.  Our mistakes broaden and deepen us.  Everything is our teacher if we let it be and the lesson is always the same, “This is who you are.”

Unfortunately we colour our world by our experiences and beliefs.  If our parents punished us we believe that life punishes us.  If our father was cold and unforgiving, God is also.  These are lies.  They are experiences that have boxed our understanding and limited us.  The world is light and love.  The end result of everything, even darkness and pain … is light and love.  Darkness does not consume the light.  The light illuminates the darkness.  In this you can be sure, of all the forces in the world, love is unequaled.  The lie we have been told about how darkness wins, comes back to life, and is to be feared … is no more than a fairy tale meant to keep us from our true potential.  Open your mind, spread your arms and embrace life.  Grow.

honest with yourself

I have found that when I am in circumstances I hate and I am terribly unhappy, I have a choice, even when those circumstances are not avoidable, like a job I need to put money on the table when nothing else is available that I would rather be doing.  I can either change my idea of what is important, meaning I can decide I don’t need as big a house, or to eat in the way I was raised, or perhaps to keep things I might sell OR I can change the way I think about my job and find aspects of it where I can feel challenged, creative, or accomplished.  You can always reframe a situation.

Recently someone I know has quit smoking.  Someone in their life did something incredibly awful that cause them such stress they wanted to smoke.  After almost a month not smoking, they were begging for someone to take them to the store to get a cigarette.  I told them to stop thinking about their stress and needing a cigarette to calm them down and make it a statement to this person about control.  You will not push me to a weak place again.  I will not give in because of what you have done.  I reject what has happened because I am stronger than all of this.  It became a statement of power that they felt good about rather than a battle with addiction.

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