I’ll Get There.

I'll get there


Things have been pretty hectic here and I have been trying to get a feel for how I want this blog to go.  I have done several and I am just having problems figuring out a pace and a style that works for me.  I have always been the “roll your sleeves up and get going” and then I sort it out while I am on that roll.    My experience and observations has been that people spend so much time planning what they are going to do and often end up never starting.

Life requires action.

The details can be sorted out along the way, and for me, they are better understood with the hammer in my hand and the wood and nails before me.

So thanks for being patient with the insanity of my trying this and that.  Thanks for the encouragement and the support.  I only care about the connections that are made and the sharing that happens.  I am so incredibly blessed with my life.  I want to do this right … not for fame or fortune … but for the people who read me.  I hope I make you think, make you laugh . . . and that somehow that adds to your belief in you and the success of your own life.

I really do want to talk about things, and hear from you and share so please jump in and say what is on your mind.  You have no idea how maybe someone reading this will need to hear exactly what you have to say and share.  I hope you will trust in the energy of the words that appear here, that you will invest in them, you will add to them and that the ripples will spread out where they are needed.

It is not about anything other than people connecting and a way to do it.

I have two pages on Facebook – The Compassion Network and the Aria E. Appleford Blog Page.  Love to have you join me there or Google Plus or Twitter.  You really are what this is all about.


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