Today’s Food For Thought.


I probably am hell to hire.  I always feel like I am the one interviewing them.  After they get through their little song and dance about my qualifications, I have to know if I am going to be expected to do the same thing over and over every day, or to solve one big problem and then just maintaining it.  If that is the case, don’t hire me.  I will be bored out of my gourd.  I need challenge.  I need change.  I crave it.  I have to make sure they understand I am serious.  DON’T HIRE me if that is the game plan.

I guess I have always been excited about change and have never thought of it in terms of something awful or something that I should fear.  The unknown is just something to turn into the known.

I do get bored easily.

My life has taught me that people come and go.  I have seen more death, more exits from my life than probably anyone should ever have to, certainly not the child that I was.  I can say it has taught me to be more accepting of the friends that come and go.  I try to appreciate people while they are in my life, for however short or long that might be.  I try not to figure that timing out, but just to make the most of every moment we have and to learn the things I am meant to learn from them.

As for things, that took me a natural disaster to really understand how unimportant things are and how easily life goes on without all those things we put so much time and attention into.  Now, I could walk out the door of my house any time and not look back, and have no regrets.  But that was a process and I am not sure I would have got there without experiencing the loss of everything at the same time my husband was dying.

Change to me is life.  It is evidence that we are moving, that we are growing.

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