Today’s Food For Thought.


It’s a simple word.

It’s not a simple concept to enact.

Part of the problem comes from people trying to determine if what someone else is dealing with requires courage.  The conversation usually disintegrates to someone saying something like, “I don’t know what the big deal is, I went through that last year and it was no big deal.”

The rest of the problem comes from the person, already struggling, trying to deal with everyone else’s idea of their situation.

Misery is not a competition sport.

Life is not a competition sport.

Our problems are ours.  We struggle with them because we are meant to deal with them and overcome them, and that takes courage.  It takes courage to deal with a difficult unknown without knowing if we have the resources to do so.  The point of it all is that we discover we do have the resources.  We grow.  We become stronger.

So instead of wasting valuable time and energy debating the validity of our struggles, or anyone else’s, we just simply need to empower one another to find our courage.  What we did, what someone we know did, whether it was tough for us, is completely IRRELEVANT.

It takes courage to get out of bed in the morning and put one foot in front of the other when everything else in your world is in shambles around you.  Someone who is dealing with so much needs that courage recognized, not someone lecturing them that their house is not clean enough.  Lecturing them is not going to result in them having a cleaner house.  It is not going to solve anything.  There is nothing more damning to them that anyone can say that they have not already said to themselves.  It accomplishes nothing EXCEPT to perhaps undermine the persons ability to even get out of bed.  If you really want to help them, then you encourage them.  You acknowledge the effort they are making, the courage they have shown and tell them you believe in their ability to do this.

Love is a verb.

It requires both action and non action.

We do the things that lift and build.

We don’t do the things that hurt and destroy.

Courage is something we all have to find within ourselves.  If we are lucky, we have people around us who will encourage us and help us celebrate the victories.   Think about that today and look around you at tall the people who find courage every day to deal with life.  Human beings are really remarkable people.  You should listen to their stories sometime … you will be amazed.

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