Today’s Food For Thought

dark side

I am not sure why we are taught to fear the darkness.  It really does nothing more than to teach us to fear ourselves and undermine the idea that our “God” or “Love” is more powerful than any darkness.

Darkness cannot consume light.

We can’t begin to understand our human journey without confronting our own darkness.  Therein lies the truth that we are no better than anyone else.  We are imperfect.  We make mistakes.  That is where our fear lie, those stumbling blocks that have the most ability to impede our progress, our success . . . our happiness.

Once you have faced your own darkness it is so much easier to look on others with tolerance, compassion and love.   We see their struggles as no different than our own and we recognize we all have our own monsters in the dark that we are fighting.  Nothing is as reassuring in the midst of our darkest midnights, than someone who has been there before, and who has a light to hold so we might find our way.

We can be that light for others.

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