Today’s Food For Thought.

you are bleeding

The irony of this is that you are bleeding whether you admit it or not.  Just that if you choose to ignore it, you will probably die, while if you admit it, you can deal with it.

So much of life today is geared towards ignoring what is obvious, real, in front of us now.

We tell people to ignore their body telling them it has had enough, and push through it.  We want people to ignore pain which is meant as a warning sign.  We suppress fevers and coughs which enable the body to fight infections naturally.  We teach our boys to not have feelings and we teach everyone to medicate any unpleasant feeling they might experience.  If your actions are not what you want, we like to medicate that to.  We are constantly in a process of altering our reality which means the moment we exist in is so undesirable/uncomfortable to us we wish to escape it.  And we do.

You cannot live a life you are ignoring.   And every choice we make that takes us out of the moment, out a conscious realization of our surroundings, is a choice towards death.  We poison our bodies, our minds and our souls.  We are disconnecting from the hardware and the software that is meant to keep us going and throwing in a disc to override everything.

It may seem ridiculous to think someone who is bleeding does not know it but we are all suffering from things we refuse to face.  People say, “well, what if this does not work?”   I ask, “what if it does?”  If it does not work you are no further behind than where you were.  You have a problem.  But if is does work, you are freed.  Wrapping a bleeding wound is a decision to live.  I guess we have to decide if tending to the other wounds in our life are important enough to take care of.  Do we want to live?

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