Today’s Food For Thought.


I have spent considerable time thinking about the importance of love and how it develops.  How do people love?  Is their love conditional or unconditional?  How do people arrive at a place where they cannot love?

Love has to be given and received.  It has to be modeled.  It has to be identified.  Obviously a family is the ideal place for that to happen.  A child learns about male and female love, parental love, sibling love, extended family love … and hopefully the child learns the fundamental basis for all love … that HE is loved.

If you love yourself you view the world differently.  You do not see yourself as a victim.  You do not see others as adversaries. Those who rant the loudest and the strongest against the world are those who are least connected to themselves.

With love you accept people where they are, not as you need them to be.  With love you can forgive others because you have need of forgiveness too.  With love you are no more perfect than anyone else.  With love, life is an invitation.

Some people fight against the world, insisting they are misunderstood and that everything will be ok once people do what they want them to do.  The truth is, the world will be ok when  a person learns to know and love themselves.  That usually involves acceptance of their own failings and a forgiveness for those who withheld or abused love.  It is a conscious decision to focus on celebrating their survival instead of their victimization.

I know, for me, sometimes, I have to let go of everything else that my ego is fighting for, and just remind myself that I love someone.  Sometimes I have to go even deeper and just go within to find the source of love within me.  I need that “wave” to carry me through my daily battles.  But, once I have a firm hold of that emotion, the rest is much easier and so many things fall to the wayside as unimportant, when before, they were huge stumbling blocks to my happiness.

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