Today’s Food For Thought

his own soul

Not everyone has the ability to create a special room or a garden for their spiritual time.

Not many can travel to places where they can be alone with nature.

Not all people even have access to “nature.”

Few can afford time during the day to meditate, even fewer can afford vacations, and those who can, seldom have the luxury of spending it quietly focused on self.

Being able to create that quiet within yourself so that wherever you are, no matter the location or circumstances, you have access to complete peace, is the only answer.  This is not about creating an alternative reality or escaping this world or its physical nature.  It is about applying the spiritual nature of our being to the physical.  It all has to mesh together so it can’t work together, complimenting the dynamics and needs of both.  Perhaps the call is to find the spiritual within the harsh realities of the physical.  To be able to transcend it.  Can I find a spiritual purpose in my work that I need to do to feed my family?  Can I find a way to feed my soul while doing hard or mind numbing work?  Can I look beyond the paycheck and all the problems and find something that makes this all worthwhile?  Perhaps it is the opportunity to love the people you work with, perhaps it is a relationship with one person there, or perhaps it is about learning patience, or improving your muscles, creating challenges that push you towards another goal.

We can do that.  We can change anything by simply reapproaching the way we think about it.

You get to create your inner landscape.  That “room” can be as big or as grand as you want to make it.  It can be an entire island that is yours to explore when you have time on the bus to kill, or you need 5 minutes to calm down before the big meeting.  You decide what gets said there and how it operates.

The most surprising thing will be how that world starts to mesh with the world you physically reside in.  You have power!

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