Today’s Food For Thought

your light

When I was growing up, one of my friends had the most awesome doll house.  Well, it looked awesome on the package it came in.  He dad never got around to putting it up for her and so it stayed in the box, to be shown sometimes as, what she could have.

Our “houses” were pretty make-shift.  I used an old cupboard divided into 4 compartments and made do with what every bits and pieces I could work in there.  A shoe was a car, a thong was a convertible.  I covered  boxes with material to be a bed … everything in my house was 3/4 imagination and 1/4 raw material.  It was nowhere near in the same ballpark as my friends.  She had entire room settings with her house, where everything matched and was to scale.

I never saw her play with it.

We do the same thing with our lives.  We all have “gifts” and the ability to “play” like everyone else but many people never manage to open the box and build their own life.  They have no idea the potential that lies within.  Worse, many spend days looking at the box and talking about what they have and will do but they never actually engage in the “doing.”

Life is all about the “doing.”



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