Today’s Food For Thought


After sitting through many great talks and speeches and workshops, I have hear far too many people dejectedly ask one another, “what can I do?  I am nobody.”  People want to help but often we frame the way that should look with such lofty expectations, it eliminates most of us before we even begin.

People are not rich.

They don’t have a lot of free time.

Their own lives are filled with problems they are struggling to deal with.

I started to rethink how I was doing my own talks and workshops and decided that if we fail to empower people from the grassroots, into believing they can make a difference, and inspiring them to do what they can, we are never going anywhere.  So it became about what each of us can do, in our own lives.

It may simply be a commitment to be more loving to the people in your life.  It may be to make extra time for family members, or to approach a difficult situation with more hope and love.  It may be to rethink having to help at the school, as not a chore, but an opportunity to impact on the lives of kids who might not really know what love looks like.  It might be a determination to be more appreciative of the people who work in your office who you usually never notice.  It might be a willingness to give up $100 shoes for $50 shoes and putting the extra $50 into a charity or more time with your own kids.  It might be that you offer your book keeping skills to a local group that is struggling, or teach a new mom how to sew.

It is all about doing something and knowing that is enough.  Just begin.

And let’s lose the elitist crap about having to join groups or attend luncheons etc.  We waste more time in making our caring look nice so that people will attend and help out than we do worrying about the work we are supposedly supporting.  I would rather see someone in sweat pants with their sleeves rolled up than a business suit.  I am not giving money or time to help someone have a swell wardrobe and I don’t care about the people I get to hang with.  I would rather focus on the people who couldn’t be here today because they are dying, or struggling to find food, or hiding from their abusers.

The only movement that should be totally taking over the world right now is one from darkness to light, from hate to love, from war … to peace.  And every one of us can make a difference regarding those things every day by addressing our own lives, and those around us that we love and care about.  THAT alone will change the world.  Anything more and we are on warp speed.

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