Zero Understanding.


We look at a couple of basic things when discussing overpopulation – the earths resources and food.

There are all kinds of variations on this but I am going to go with “10 people can be comfortable supported on 5 acres” and take that down to 8 people per 5 acres.

That means that we could easily fit the entire population of the world into North America with room to spare.   Of course several of the 10 acre plots would not be farming quality, but I wanted to give you a visual to consider.

In the constant debate for our minds with the endless pummelling of “the world is overpopulated” we need to get rid of a significant portion of it.  We are always talking to the privileged and referencing the poorer nations.

Yes let’s blame them for starving.

And then let’s blame them for having too many people.   If there were less of them to starve, it would not be nearly the catastrophe it is.  Not that we would be any more willing to feed 10 than 1000 but if those 10 die, who will care really?

Let’s apply that logic across the board and say, we should not have so many children because of child abuse.  If we had less children, paedophilia would not be such an issue.  SOLVED!!  Think of the money we would save with the justice and legal systems.  The internet would be a much nicer and safer place.  We could take innocent pics again of our kids in the bathtub.

Until we are ready to accept responsibility for the world conditions and take on what WE can do, nothing is going to change.  The questions we need to be asking ourselves is why is wealth so unevenly distributed?  Why are WE consuming so much more than we need?  Why are WE wasting so much?  Why are WE so irresponsible with our resources?  Why are we wasting so much money on unimportant things that are luxuries when other people are starving?  How can our governments justify wasting money on those kinds of things?

Who are we to decide what is of value to another human being and that because they don’t have a chance at the same things we do, their lives are worth less?  Who are we to decide they would be better off dead or that this world would be better off if they were dead.  There is only one certainty with that line of thinking and that is completely narcissistic and selfish.

And don’t tell me that people are so concerned with the future of the planet they want to save it.  How about WE change OUR lifestyle in consideration of the planet and earth’s future?  Go without designer clothes and our technology.  How about insisting that these people get a decent wage for their work, or that they not be sold as slaves to work mines so we can have an iphone.

Even within the charities, it has become ridiculous.  You rent a huge office, hire expensive people, throw lavish events, attend parties and social functions …. to raise money to help others.  Seriously, I would rather donate the money for the cost of the dress and the dinner.  It is ridiculous.  RIDICULOUS.  We like the LOOK of being charitable, more than the actual giving of the money.  We want the acclaim.  Wouldn’t it be nice to get to the stage where being kind and nice and community minded are no longer events to be captured on our resume?  Wouldn’t it be great to have that be the norm instead of an action worthy of public adoration?

The arrogance of having schools in North America ram “zero population control” down the throats of kids really bothers me.  Maybe those kids should start giving up some of their privilege if they really want to make a difference.   Maybe what we need to do is volunteer THOSE kids to be euthanized and let the third world countries have a go at things.  We haven’t done much good with our positions of privilege, maybe they could find a way to act in the best interest of this planet where we have failed.

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