Today’s Food For Thought


More and more I understand the importance of being open minded, of acknowledging that life is a journey, that we change and grow daily and that holding on to anything and fearing change is a decision to stop life from the flowing energy it is meant to be.

The greater challenge has not been so much about allowing all that for me, as it has been to remind myself it applies to all people.  It is not fair of me to judge anyone based on something they did 10 years ago.  It is not even fair for me to judge someone based on what they did yesterday.  Every moment of our lives change us and that is good, that is positive.  If we can begin to accept that we are flawed, we make mistakes, and those mistakes are some of the most brilliant teaching tools we have.  If we can allow other people to make their mistakes and graciously facilitate their chance to own their learnings and make the changes they need to . . . I believe we will see the power of love in action.

We all fear getting caught.  We fear the judgments of others, their unkindness, the consequences that may last a life time.  We fear what it means about who we are.  Instead we should be willing to admit we are not perfect and that we intend to learn from every experience we have.  Make the time to examine your beliefs and ask yourself if you really own them or if they own you?  Did you choose them or were they handed down or forced upon you?  Do you really know them to be true or have they simply become  a way of thinking that limits you and holds you back?  Nothing is as it seems because in this physical realm we are limited in what we see and understand and they only way around those limits is to be open and willing to learn, to let go of what we think we know, and be open to constant change.


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