Today’s Food For Thought


One of the things that most delights me about my grandchildren is their unique abilities that makes each and every one of them so awesome.  To watch them grow up with those differences intact, with clear ideas of who they are and what they want makes me incredibly hopeful.

I like people who are incredibly different, who insist on doing things their way and are unapologetically themselves no matter what.  Give me a room of beautiful clones and I will choose the stuffed dummy in the corner every time.

People who are willing to see the world through their own eyes are fascinating.  They see things I cannot see and I love having them show me what they see and how they see it.  It reminds me that my little way of knowing and doing is but just a single facet of multi-jewelled possibilities.  It keeps me moving forward.  It reminds me there are no limits other than those I impose on myself.

Children’s play used to facilitate that discovery of self, today it is much more difficult when fantasy is so clearly scripted and illustrated in the virtual reality that now constantly overlaps reality.  It could be frightening but I choose to see it as an enhancement, meaning our kids understanding of the possibilities will be much more rich than our own.

Perhaps this holiday season, parents might consider how they can enrich the individuality of their children, teaching them to embrace and celebrate their differences instead of wanting to pour themselves into the same mold everyone else occupies.


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