Team Charlotte Dawson

Charlotte Dawson

So Charlotte Dawson is being dumped by her management company for being “too honest.”  See story here.

I don’t know a whole lot about Charlotte’s career or actions prior to my arriving in Australia, frankly it is irrelevant.  None of us are the person we were even yesterday so even if she was a complete ass at some point, I am looking at who she is now.  What I do know is that I have seen her on some television shows since, and then there was the whole incident with bullying last year and she talked about her battle with depression.  That was when I started to pay attention.  I thought it took courage for her to come forward and share that.  We were not subjected to endless stories of her out of control or her battle, she kind of disappeared and resurfaced a few months later to do another show.  I admired the positive message of that.  How many people deal with depression and feel there is no hope?  There she was proving that it is doable – without any big fanfare.

She relapsed.  That happens to, again, many people … and she was  honest and open about her experience.  I see this all as so positive on so many levels.  I admire the heck out of the fact that ANY celebrity takes down that stupid smoke and mirror interface that tries to tell the world that beautiful and rich is happy happy happy and that we should envy them and desire to be just like them as if their lives are magical and ours completely suck.

They are just human beings doing a job.  They have to be beautiful.  They are in the public spotlight.  They are expected to show up and smile and for all of that they get paid lots of money.  All that has its own problems that are just as difficult for them as the ones we face.

This story only further tells me that Charlotte Dawson is a woman I respect and admire for her honesty.  It tells me that Chic management is only interested in the plastic facade of perfection and want THAT to sell their customers so their customers can create a completely unrealistic and UNTRUE image in order to sell their products.  I am going to make it my business to find out who uses CHIC and this decision is going to impact them.  I will not support any of them with my shopping dollars.

Think about how completely stupid it is for a company to fire someone for being too honest, and letting them know, if they are willing to stop doing that, they will have them back because THAT is what they look for in a spokesperson or representative for their customers.  SO there you have it folks.  Those people who are meant to inspire us to shop, because we want to be like them … are hired because they lack integrity and honesty and are as fake as fake can be.  How pathetic are we?

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