“You can tell all kinds of stories about yourself. “I am good”. “I am bad”. “I am kind”. “I am perfect”. “I am enlightened”. “I am unworthy”. “I am a failure”. “I am the best…” And so on.  But these are all mental conclusions about something that is not a single ‘thing’ at all – something alive and always moving and forever renewing itself. You are a vast ocean, a wild fire, dynamic and untameable and inconsistent, not anything static or fixed in time or space. Why come to conclusions about yourself at all? Any conclusion cannot be what you really are, for you are beyond all conclusions, even that one, and yet there is enough space in you for all conclusions. Life itself is not a conclusion – conclusions are only there to be swept away and burnt up in the fire of living. Why limit yourself to a concept? Why fix yourself in time and space? Be your thrilling inconsistent ‘self’ – not a ‘self’ limited to a word, concept, idea or image, or even limited in time itself, but the vast indefinable Self of the ocean, wildly open and deeply accepting of all its beloved waves yet defined by none of them, limited to none of them. Be what you are – is that so hard?”  Jeff Foster

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