Today’s Food For Thought.


Isn’t that what it is all about?

As kids we are pretty much unaware and then we move to teenage years where our awareness begins and is basically pretty much concentrated on our own needs and identity.  And hopefully we grow up and we learn to love another person, we learn about working with others for the greater good, we get that society has to have basic agreed to rules in order to function and we end up with kids that we love and learn to put ahead of ourselves.

And we start to think about death, it become a reality.  Who are we?  What have we done with our lives?  Will anyone remember that we were here?

And finally we get it, that it is not just about us.  It is about all of us and it is about a couple of things.  We have to at least do no harm and at best hope to leave this world a better place than when we arrived.  And sometimes, if we really get it, we plant seeds … seeds that no-one else will ever see.  And what grows from those seeds will probably never be attributed to us and we will never eat the fruit ourselves.

We do that with love.  It is about all the time and love and compassion we show one another.  Those intangible things that build others, and encourage them in their journeys and keep life going with hope and integrity.

That is how pieces of us stay here and keep things going, and build the future for everyone.

It is so simple.

And yet we struggle to even remember that we are here because someone who came before us, put their love into moments.  They poured it into people and events that impacted us.

Maybe we all need to consider that just a bit more and think about how we interact with those people in our lives.


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