Today’s Food For Thought.


I think this is probably very true.  I have personally observed teens, in particular, acting out scenes or ideas from shows they watch.  It is more than just emulating the way people look – it is almost like they step into the roles.  Suddenly it is not enough to have an argument, one must throw things or do damage to property because THAT is what they do on television.

We take our cues from our entertainment.  We paint our world with the same colours of expectation and we live in stress, and dishonesty and drama because we believe that to be “the way it is.”  Relationships do not last, people do not really care about one another, and if it cannot be solved in one hour, we have no patience.

That is why I do not watch much television and why I spend long periods of time completely unconnected to any possibility of television.  It has so seeped into real life that I have to actively seek activity away from its influence in order to maintain a sense of calm and sanity.  My life is not drama because that is the choice I make for me.  That is who I am.

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