Today’s Food For Thought.

beyond the shadows

It’s what we do when someone says something that makes us uncomfortable . . . we attack them.  We try to make sure no-one else will listen to them.  This strategy works because we are addicted to being “liked.”  Social media has banked on our need to be “liked,” and we never fail that faith.

People are willing to trash others or point fingers of blame because it prevents them from having to deal with their own demons and hopefully by keeping everyone looking at someone else they maintain status quo.

It is rare to find people open and willing to see the truth that may challenge their very core.  It is rare to find people willing to listen.  But today people are waking up and the numbers of people willing to speak and those willing to listen are increasing.  I don’t think anyone can afford to sit back comfortable and assume they are right about anything.  If you are not engaged in the active practice of listening, even to things that make you squirm, about yourself, about the world around you, then you are stuck. You are stuck in fear.

I think the time will come when we will all be required to make a decision, perhaps it won’t even come to that, perhaps it will simply be by virtue of where we are at or where we were willing to go, but our lives will depend upon our ability to hear and see.  You won’t be able to turn to others to see what they are doing.  It will have to be your choice.

That is why discernment is so important to develop.  We have to be able to hear information, to sort through it, to think critically and decide for ourselves what is truth and what is important.   You can’t do that in a comfortable chair with blinders on and the music turned up.

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