Today’s Food For Thought


As kids, it never occurred to us that we could not do something.  Life was one big invitation and we were up for just about everything . . . until our parents started filling our hearts and minds with ideas of “can’t” and “shouldn’t.”

We not only believed that we could do anything, we believed in the world and in one another.  We believed in magic, not because we were naive but because our boxes were as unformed and as flexible as our bones.

One of the first things I do when I work with people in workshops is to get them back in touch with their inner child.   That child has the power to unlock our hidden and lost potential, if we will allow it.

Some people talk of going back and rescuing that child … that child carries me each day.  She makes me smile when I feel like crying and constantly reminds me that things like “jumping in puddles” and “hugging a tree”  are more healing to heartbreak than all the pills in the world.  I know that when I reach the end of my journey THAT child will be waiting for me and will accept me as I am, scars and all, bent and broken, and she will probably suggest we have a good game of hide and seek in the evening hours.  She will offer me a peanut butter sandwich and a tattered heart she made that says “I Love You.” and I will really understand that life is about seeing ourselves forever through the eyes of a child … because to a child, everything is awesome.


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