Today’s Food For Thought


Sometimes, when life crowds in around me, and people are like weapons hurled against me, I remember this quote and breathe.

Life is what it is and I cannot control anyone other than myself.

It is ok to cry and call something or someone on being cruel.

But, in the end, this is my journey, my experiences, and I must use every opportunity to look within, to discover truth and to better understand myself.  I had that crystal moment in my childhood when something told me to look even when I wanted to look away and told me that I must never forget the moment and how it made me feel.  Since that time, I have had many repeats of this exact experience only to have them become incredibly relevant to me at a later point in my life.  We are the witnesses of this life.  We cannot be so empty, so bereft of feeling that we do not see what is happening around us or see it, but without any compassion.

I live in my pain.  I cry.  I feel it all and I remember it, because it reminds me that I am blessed in so many ways and that happiness is a choice that must be chosen every day, even in absence of happy things, and above all … it must be appreciated.


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