Today’s Food For Thought.

not my story

The people who are busy doing, are often the ones with the biggest targets on their backs.

People don’t care about people who are not a threat to them.  If someone is really insignificant and not a worry, you don’t worry.  What they do, how they do it, when they do it … is irrelevant.   In a race the leaders don’t worry about the ones who are lagging far behind, they only worry about the one in front of them that they have to catch , the one beside them who is threatening to push past and the one just behind them who is catching up fast.

Life is exactly like that.  If people are all over you complaining about who you are and how you do things, you are threatening their place in the race.  Be like the other runners and focus on your pace and the finish line.  The purpose of complaining is to try and distract you from the goal so that they can push on past and claim the victory.

No-one else can tell you who you are or what you can do.  No-one can predict your life or control you UNLESS you invite them to, or allow them that power.  Quality people look at those who are their greatest competition and put their heads down and dig deeper, working harder, motivated to push past their previous boundaries.  Winners know that tough competition raises everyone’s game.  It is only the loser who complains that something is not fair, or tries to call someone a cheat, or criticizes their technique.  They do it because they do not have enough faith in their own abilities to focus on themselves and do better.  They are talking about what they most fear for themselves and they are really telling the world that they see you as much more powerful, talented and accomplished than they are.


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